Miminka is an especially small flower farm tucked in the rolling hills of Saint Croix Falls.


We carefully carved out little pieces of our land so we can bring our community endless seasonal blooms while helping our soil and land flourish. The delicate and crucial ecosystems in our woods, prairie and wetlands create endless symbiotic relationships all around us. Our natural wind breaks, happy pollinators and endless critters who have been stewarding our lands long before us ensure the health and well-being of this land.

We grow for seasonal subscribers, local farmer’s markets, retail, weddings, events and anything else you can throw a stem at. We teach classes throughout the year and offer a handful of homemade products.

Since 2017, we’ve been producing thoughtful cultivation and crafting in an effort to provide a place where our community can find sustainably grown flowers and goods. Our goal is to create exceptional health in our land to bring beauty into our lives and yours.